Membership Information

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                                                             Membership Statement
As an advocate for local development, LA21 is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the continued growth of each of our member businesses. LA21 strives to influence business-friendly legislation in all levels of government, participate in initiatives to improve the community, present professional enrichment programs, and provide our members with cost-efficient ways to run their businesses.
We meet monthly to plan events, to discuss issues that promote and improve the quality of business life on Lancaster Avenue. You may have already participated in our Second Friday events that promote monthly business activity on Lancaster Avenue, business meet and greet events, small business training or perhaps you attended the annual Jazz Festival in Saunders Park Green.

Through our member-focused website, we encourage our members to discover what they need and where to go, who to call, and ultimately why becoming a member of the Lancaster Avenue 21st Century Business Association is one of the best strategies for growing your business. Whether your business is a new or old, small or large, joining LA21 makes sense for your business.

       Membership Benefits
Marketing & Public Relations Benefits

1. Opportunities to highlight your business through our brand new website:
 a. Individual landing page with strong SEO (search engine optimization)
 Special event listings
 b. Staff support to promote member businesses
 c. LA21 online Newsletter – post highlighting sales or special events at your business

2. Access to LA21’s Social Media outlets:
 Facebook
 Twitter
 Instagram
 Pinterest
 YouTube
**Individualized support to set up social media accounts for your business
3. Special Access & Opportunities:
 a. Invitations to all Monthly 1st Wednesday Community Meetings and social events
 b. Free access to events including LADAY Arts Festival, 2nd Fridays and other networking events.
 c. Access to free workshops throughout the year, including health and wellness, social media, marketing, security, and potential grants
 d. Opportunity to set up a table free of charge at annual LA DAY Arts Festival
 e. Opportunity to post open jobs at your business on the website and LA21’s online newsletter at no charge
 f. Partnership Opportunities with other businesses in west Philadelphia

4. Services:
4.1 Staff members working on your behalf as government agency liaisons
 a. Relationships with state and local representatives
 b. Strong relationship with the Department of Commerce
 c. Lobbying efforts supporting the Avenue
 d. Connections with the Streets Department for street repairs

4.2 Regular Communication from the LA21 Volunteer staff members
 a. Monthly newsletters, phone notification system, hand-delivered flyers, weekly emails, monthly committee meetings, board positions

4.3 Assistance with permitting & variances
4.4 Grant opportunities for your business
 a. Staff assistance with grant process, timelines, paperwork and opportunities (e.g. Business Security Camera Program, Targeted Storefront Program, The Merchant Fund)
4.5 Safety and Security
 a. Strong partnership with the 16th District police officers
 b. Security updates through the phone notification system
 c. Security workshops with officers from the 16th District and representatives from the Department of Commerce
 d. Dedicated police coverage throughout the Lancaster Avenue Community
4.6 Retail Recruitment support
 a. Prospecting for new businesses that fit LA21’s Retail Strategy and enhance the Commercial Corridor and community at large
 b. Assisting members with store merchandising and window display
 c. Connecting businesses for potential cross-promotion
 d. Assisting members looking for a new storefront within the Corridor

4.7 Seasonal Street beautification
 a. Flowering along the Avenue Spring through Fall, holiday decorations, and twinkling lights in the trees

**For questions regarding your membership benefits, please contact Kwaku Boateng Executive Director at or 267-241-9199

Membership is annually for:
 $100 – Non-Business Owners
 $150 – Business Owners Premium
 $500 – Corporate Premium Sponsorship Membership